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I am Natalia Oginskaya, mosaic artist based in Moscow, Russia.


Back in 2005 I had my two-weeks mosaic work experience holiday, working on restauration of ancient mosaic in Coucy, France.  Little did I know that mosaic will reappear in my life some year later. 


I graduated  as a Make-up Artist in London, and returned to Moscow to develop my career. Over the next 15 years, I became a well established professional  and a mother of three. 

Covid highlighted some lingering questions about my self actualisation. I followed my gut and what started as a day mosaic workshop turned into a 2 year study and a great passion. 

I have a strong urge to develop  my skills as a mosaic artist. I am sure this is the art form where I  belong. I am deeply connected to the whole process of creation: whether it is choosing colours, textures or techniques. Time flies as I loose myself in creating my pieces.  I feel that I found my way of expressing my thoughts. I would love to share my experience and my love for mosaic with you.

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